Sporting CT


To develop confident players who love to be challenged and compete fearlessly on and off the field.


The Club’s vision is to provide the best possible coaching and support resources to enable each player to develop to his or her fullest potential, both as soccer players and as individuals. Through our commitment to providing the finest staff possible, our ambition is to produce players capable of competing at the Collegiate, Professional and International levels.

We emphasize both athletic and academic excellence, using soccer as a vehicle to teach important life lessons that help our players develop into well-rounded young adults who understand the value and importance of attitude and application.


Our Philosophy is to focus on the development of the individual first, we strive to build creative, technically proficient teams where success is measured in more than victories on the field.  We have accomplished our mission if our players' lives are enriched through their involvement with Sporting CT community and if they experience the joy of playing quality soccer at the highest levels.