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Coaching & Referee Education

As a club we are committed to ensuring that our coaches and players can become more. Coaches and players can do coaching or referee courses online to further educate themselves.

Online Courses

We would like to encourage our players to take some of the US Soccer coaching licenses that the Federation has made available. Those are online grassroots courses that are great for coaches, coaching parents who volunteer and our players who truly want to expand their knowledge about the game and work with kids.

Please click here to LEARN MORE about the US Soccer Online education program. 

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Click here to learn more about the REFEREE Program. 

Each grassroots coaching course is about 1-2 hours long at most and it costs $25 . Those are great introductory courses that will help our players knowledge and teach them how to become better leaders by working and helping the younger kids through camps, clinics, and different training or leadership programs.

We already have a good number of our older players who are reffing and helping coach at different clinics throughout the year. This is a great way to earn community service hours and later on get paid. It's also a great way to coach a few hours a week while in college.

We would highly recommend to all our high school players who enjoy working with kids to take the online courses for 4vs4, 7vs7, 9vs9 and 11vs11 to build a great coaching foundation that will not only help them with their soccer path but also in their life. We want to build leaders within our teams and communities and the more we use our resources the more knowledgeable we become.

Please take a look at the photo below to find out more about the Coaching License Pathway and the Referee Pathway.

Also, if you would like to work in our 3vs3 Tourney, Spring Camp or Clinics just let us know.

For those who are interested in the referee program.